We are four candidates running together as a slate in the 2015 Cambridge City Council and School Committee elections. A slate is formed by candidates running on a common platform in an election.

Meet the Candidates

  • Mariko Davidson

    Mariko is an urban planner, focused on improving pedestrian and bicycle planning and infrastructure, youth education policy, and using civic technology to provide better access to government services.


  • Nadeem Mazen

    Nadeem is a current councillor, small business owner, and arts educator. VoteNadeem.com

  • Romaine Waite

    Romaine is a Cambridge native who believes in development without displacement, connecting youth with hands-on educational opportunities, and community empowerment.


  • Jake Crutchfield

    Jake is a School Committee candidate who has worked in every grade level in the Cambridge Public Schools, and is passionate about engaging all parts of the educational ecosystem: students, parents, and teachers.


Our Platform

We believe in Cambridge and see the potential for city leadership to set a new standard for progressive social change and community building. Over the past few terms, Cambridge has made only incremental gains when it comes to affordable and middle-income housing, sustainable transportation, and real community engagement. But we can do better. The city’s future is directed by the residents you elect to Cambridge City Council and School Committee, which is why we are running together as a slate of candidates — to ensure that any one good idea has the organized support of your elected leadership. We are educators, urban planners, entrepreneurs, and professionals — all committed to collaboration with one another, our fellow councillors, and the community, to move toward a more transparent, responsive government.

Not one of us aspires to the role of ‘career politician.’ Instead, we see the opportunity to apply our professional expertise, work ethic, and enthusiasm to forward progressive change in our city. In our role as elected representatives, we promise to discover and incubate a self-perpetuating crop of passionate new leaders. Together, we’ll model a new way of thinking and working together to create policy that is data-driven and community-centric.  We’re doing this together because we feel that Cambridge politics are in need of urgent revitalization.

Today, the city’s current solutions for affordable and middle-income housing are piecemeal, at best. Innovative solutions and regional dialogue must be explored this term. A similar approach must be taken in preserving the heart of Cambridge – its vibrant small businesses and arts culture. We must create spaces for our artists and entrepreneurs to work and grow. Almost every member of us have classroom teaching experience, and we all agree that student success shouldn’t be measured by test results alone. We must create alternative paths and out-of-school time opportunities for students to pursue their passions and develop employable skills.

Climate change is happening and Cambridge must do more for sustainability. Our slate practices what we preach: None of us own a car. As a conscientious community, we should do everything possible to lessen fossil fuel dependency, encourage healthy transportation, and support investment in public transit, cycling, and walkability. On all of these issues, it is the City Council’s responsibility to work collaboratively with the City Manager and to lobby collectively on the state and federal level, demonstrating regular progress on transit, housing, and other capital-intensive initiatives.

As a slate, we know Cambridge can lead the region, and even the nation. We’re ready to work efficiently together to move our city and our nation closer to an equitable future, and we’re asking for your participation. A truly representative Cambridge wouldn’t be complete without it.


Jake Crutchfield, Mariko Davidson, Nadeem Mazen, and Romaine Waite — Candidates for Cambridge City Council and Cambridge School Committee