Many people have asked us why we’re running together. These are the reasons:

Supporting New Voices

The barriers to entry in local politics are high. Community leaders and organizers often forego big paychecks to pursue meaningful community impact. Unfortunately, that means the pool of competitive candidates is often limited to those who can independently afford to run. That’s not right and it doesn’t allow our best and brightest to make it on the ballot.

Our slate is not only about championing a new approach for collaborative and consensus-based government, it’s also about leveraging and sharing resources so that more service-oriented candidates can win a seat in office. By electing those without traditional means to run, we can ensure a truly representative government: One in which friends and neighbors of all socioeconomic backgrounds have a seat and a voice at the table.

Collaboration and Consensus

As Cambridge residents, many of us have participated in Cambridge’s public processes and were disappointed to find a lack of coordination and collaboration. It is clear to us that City Hall can suffer from a sluggish and often shortsighted process. All of us are motivated to run for City Council and School Committee for different reasons, and have differences of opinions on various issues, but we all share a commitment to collaborative problem-solving

We promise to bring this collaborative, consensus-based ideology to City Hall.

Strength in Numbers

In a crowded field, it’s difficult for any one idea or issue to find much traction. Together as a slate, our best ideas are magnified multiple times over. If elected, members of our slate have immediate collaborators with whom they can move any progressive, high-impact policy idea towards reality. Imagine the leaps forward Cambridge can take on issues like housing, climate change, economic inequality, and community engagement if a majority of elected officials share the same progressive ideologies and dedication to action. That’s why our slate is leveraging strength in numbers to move the best ideas forward in Cambridge.

Why a Slate?

Slates are a powerful tool to leverage Cambridge’s unique proportional representation voting system and ensure that certain ideological beliefs and policy tenets are protected and heard. Throughout the 20th century, slates were used to tremendous effect in Cambridge, most notably to fight for and against rent control. Our slate will find similar success shaping political discussion as a group, differentiating ourselves from individualistic campaigns, and, when elected, creating and enacting policy around key issues measured by community benefit.

When voting for a slate of candidates, you ensure that at least some (and often times a majority) of like-minded candidates will share in your support. In Cambridge’s voting system, once a candidate reaches quota and is elected (or is eliminated due to low vote totals), his or her surplus votes are redistributed in order of the voter’s #2, #3, #4, #5… votes. This makes voting for a slate especially powerful in Cambridge.